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The Perception, Then and Now

The Perception, Then and Now

I recall the difference in the perception of chiropractic care when I first began to practice compared to now…


40 years ago, I remember seeing patients come in viewing chiropractic care as an alternative to medicine for times when medicine didn’t help. Most people that would visit witnessed a loved one getting great results with chiropractic care. They just wanted to try something new and out of the normal realm of “medicine.”

And Now…

Today, chiropractic care is more understood and accepted. With this come greater expectations from me as the chiropractor. Some patients willingly partner with their chiropractor to heal, and some seasoned patients expect the doctor to cure them.

I look forward to working with those who are open to a partnership towards greater health. I’m here to help, but remember it’s your body so it’s important that you make the choice to take care of yourself!